Saturday, August 28, 2010

New favorite snack.

You guys, my mind was just blown.

I'd read about Almond Butter Mousse on Girl Meets Health, and decided to give it a try!

Holy wow! A-maze-ing!

My greek yogurt had gone bad (sadface), so I decided to try it with Vanilla Yogurt.

I added peanut butter, because I wanted to use up the last of the jar.

Two tablespoons of each mixed together and... heaven!!

I added some dried cranberries at the end for extra filling power!

Looks like the peanut butter is ready for some Overnight Oats in a Jar! Can't wait!
I think my boyfriend was a little scared when I told him "Don't you dare throw out the peanut butter jar!!".

I'm so glad I started following so my great Healthy Living Blogs on my Google Reader. I've been introduced countless delicious and healthy treats that I never would have thought of on my own!


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