Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

I decided to try my hand at some stuffed peppers. I decided to go with a Mediterranean theme!

For dinner last night,

I started with some beautiful red bell peppers. 

Dinner matches the walls! 
As I prepared those, I threw in 1 cup of Orzo pasta to boil. 


I combined about 6 chopped pitted Kalamata olives, 1/4 cup of Feta cheese and 1/8 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes with the cooked Orzo. 

And added about 1 tbsp of Greek salad dressing. 

Topped them all with about 1 tbsp. each of shredded mozzarella cheese. 

Baked for about 8 minutes at 350, and set it to broil for 2 more minutes. 

Served with a side of honeydew melon!

Simple and Delicious!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New favorite snack.

You guys, my mind was just blown.

I'd read about Almond Butter Mousse on Girl Meets Health, and decided to give it a try!

Holy wow! A-maze-ing!

My greek yogurt had gone bad (sadface), so I decided to try it with Vanilla Yogurt.

I added peanut butter, because I wanted to use up the last of the jar.

Two tablespoons of each mixed together and... heaven!!

I added some dried cranberries at the end for extra filling power!

Looks like the peanut butter is ready for some Overnight Oats in a Jar! Can't wait!
I think my boyfriend was a little scared when I told him "Don't you dare throw out the peanut butter jar!!".

I'm so glad I started following so my great Healthy Living Blogs on my Google Reader. I've been introduced countless delicious and healthy treats that I never would have thought of on my own!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Who doesn't love food pictures!

Today was fairly boring food wise, but I took pictures anyway... let's just think of it as blogger training! I intend to start using my DSLR for the food pictures, so I'm hoping the quality of the pictures with improve over the next little while.

I started out with a bowl of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal (one of my favs!) and 1% milk.

For my mid-morning snack, I enjoyed a deliciously ripe plum!

For lunch, I had leftover stir fry... I assure it tasted much better than it looked. The sauce is from a recipe in Rocco's Dispirito's book, Now Eat This.

For the sauce, you mix 3/4 cup of low-fat, low sodium teriyaki sauce, 2 tbsp of orange juice concentrate, and 2 tbsp of low fat peanut butter. It is rich and delicious. I would say it rivals restaurant chinese food! Next time I make it, I'll probably cut back on the teriyaki sauce a bit, and use some fish sauce to thin it out a smidge.

For my afternoon snack, I munched on some trail mix. It went unpictured... I'm still getting the hang of this!

I had a bunch of errands to run after work, so I wasn't able to have dinner right away. I got home, grabbed a nectarine, and was out the door!

By the time I got back, I didn't have time to make a proper dinner before my Zumba class, so I had a bit of this Seven Grain Salad from Costco.

Zumba was really fun! It was only my second class, but I think I'll keep with it. It's at a studio in the city that offers various adult dance classes for exercise! I'm trying to convince a couple of my girl friends to take another class with me - maybe Burlesque or West African!

After I returned home, I made myself a random but delicious grilled sandwich with the sandwich press. It included: Whole wheat bread, Spinach, 2 slices of deli ham, a few crumbles of blue cheese and a few dashes of buffalo sauce.

I finished off the meal off with some sliced honeydew!

As I mentioned before, I am just now entering the maintenance stage of my weight loss journey. I should call it the "tone up" stage, as that is what my main goal is that this point.

It was August of last year that I decided to make an active effort in losing some weight. I had been 20-30 pounds pretty much my entire life, and I guess I was sick of it. I don't have any real reason other than that for kick-starting my plan. I just needed a change, I guess.

I get asked frequently, "What is your secret" or "How did you do it?". As everyone who has ever successfully lost weight knows, there is no secret. I did not use any specific weight loss program. What it takes is commitment and a little self control. Over the next few posts, I'll share the tools and tips that were the most essential to my success. I'll start with the #1 most important and successful tool that I used:

Food Journaling

At the very beginning, I started with following the Canada Food Guide. I counted and measured the servings and portions of everything I ate for the first few months. This was extremely helpful in helping to provide an understanding of what a proper sized portion should be. After a while, I added a calorie count to my food journal.

As time went on, I found I didn't need to worry about the servings in each food group because I had a solid understand of how my meals should be composed. I kept the calorie count going, to keep myself accountable and mindful of my calorie limit per day. A simple equation stayed in the back of my mind; there are 3500 calories in a pound. In order to lose 2 pounds per week, one must create a deficit of 1000 calories per day. When I started, that meant I had stay around 1700 calories per day.

It's easy to forget the little bites and the little sips. Food journaling helped me realize that a lot of the treats I was enjoying before, just weren't worth the dent it made in my calorie budget. I've cut out soft drinks and Iced Tea (an old favorite of mine), because they just aren't worth it.

Food journaling is also great because you get a sense of accomplishment when you can look back at the past week and know that you've stayed within your goals. Or, if you've had a bad week, it's helpful to look back and know where to improve.

And, if all else fails, it might give you some meal ideas if you're running short!

- R.

Friday, August 20, 2010

An introduction!

Welcome friends, to my first real post on this little blog of mine.

I've found some 'Healthy Living Blogs' to be a tremendous help to me over the past year as I lost 65 pounds, so I thought it might be a good exercise to start one of my own as I enter the maintenance stage of the weight loss plan.

First things first, an introduction:

My name is Rachèle (pronounced ra-shell), and I am 24 years old. I am born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I live with my wonderful boyfriend Beau, who shall henceforth be known on the blog as the Aussie.

As I mentioned earlier, I began my weight loss journey almost exactly a year ago to the date.

Just tonight, one of my friends posted some pictures from a houseboating trip from July of last year, and I have to say I was shocked by them. It's one thing to look back on photos of myself that I had already seen, but it was much more shocking to see pictures that I hadn't seen!

The first picture is from that houseboating trip, in July 2009.

And now... From a Girl's Night Weekend in Banff, August 2010.

On this blog, I hope to share some of the way that I was able to lose the weight while maintaining my lifestyle and sanity. I also hope to share other parts of my life, including my interest in fashion, music and general awesome funtimes.

Some topics I intend to cover in the next couple of posts:
- How I lost the weight
- Thoughts on the upcoming 'maintenance' phase
- A photo tour of my apartment
- A list of some of the blogs that kept me going on my weight loss journey, and inspired me to start this one.

Hope to see you around!